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There are several methods of carpet cleaning and the popular one are carpet steam cleaning and normal cleaning. It is essential to clean the carpets as over a period of time, a lot of dust accumulates in the carpets. Micro dust causes lot of allergies to the people living in the house. It is essential to get the carpets cleaned on a timely bases. This article attempts to bring out the pros and cons of both types of cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

What is the Process?

Normal Carpet Cleaning:

This is a dry process of cleaning, pre-vacuum of the carpet to remove the dry soil. The carpet is then treated with a dry cleaning solution. The solution breaks down the oily residue in the carpet which holds the dirt to the carpet fibers for the removal of the soils and stains. Cotton absorbent pads are immersed in hot water with a conditioning rinse and kept on the carpet under a machine like floor polisher. The pads are spun under the machine at high speed and the dirt is removed.

Carpet Steam Cleaning :

The process is to inject hot water into your carpet under high pressure and extract water out. Instead of direct usage of chemicals, detergents to clean the carpet, hot water activates the detergent on to the carpet fibers. A wet vacuum is then used to suck the water on the floor. Effective steam cleaners will pre-treat the stains to remove with appropriate stain removing agents and pre-spray.

Pro’s and Con’s:

Normal Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

1. Normal carpet cleaning is less work, and less usage of chemical compounds.
2. Floors can be used instantly as the process does not take a long time to clean.
3. In this type of cleaning, the compounds used are commonly used in industrial and retail settings.
4. Dry cleaning goes through an effective cleaning with the help of chemical agents and application solutions.
5. It restores the original texture of the carpet after cleaning.
1. This type of cleaning is not chemical free. It is a myth that only steam is used in the process of cleaning. Only thing is there is no direct spread of chemical onto the carpet.
2. It takes about 12 to 24 hours to walk on your carpet again after steam carpet cleaning.
3. Stains disappear in the first few days after steam carpet cleaning.
4. Not effective in removing oil stains without an effective pre-treatment. If the oil stains are not properly removed then it will attract dust easily in the future.
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Both systems of cleaning have different advantages. With minimal moisture being used in the Carpet Dry Cleaning, the process of drying is quick and can be walked on the floor immediately. Check the pro’s and con’s and see what is best suitable and convenient for you. Hire professional services to run a smooth and thorough cleaning process. Before hiring one, you must inquire the best in your vicinity and schedule an appointment for the Carpet Cleaning Services.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

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