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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Spotless Carpet Cleaning Adelaide – Get carpet steam cleaning, shampooing, stain removal, mould removal, and fire protection services at amazing discounts.

Carpet Steam Cleaning by Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

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Want professional carpet cleaning services? Look no further than Spotless Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide. We are a team of professional carpet cleaners giving top-notch services in and around Adelaide. Our professionals are highly focused and give their best to meet the customer’s needs. We are known for delivering professional, affordable, and efficient carpet cleaning services all across Adelaide. Call @0488 845 531 today.

  • Clean your carpet with Hot water to kill Germs and Allergins.

  • Vaccume should be done by the customer prior to steam cleaning by one of our professional

  • We can help to move basic furniture if required before carpet cleaning
  • A carpet will never be clean if you don’t vacuum it thoroughly first
  • Same day Booking & Steam Cleaning Service
  • Carpet Deodorising at additional cost
  • We don’t gurrantee 100% stain removal
  • Quick Dry after steam cleaning


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    Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide


    Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is important for endless reasons.

    Maintain The Appearance of The Premises

    If your carpet has stains or is occupied with dirt, it simply dulls the look of your place. Regular cleaning maintains the health of your carpets.

    Save Money

    Regular carpet cleaning maintains the decor of carpet and saves it from damage. This is the best way to keep your carpet in a good condition that protects the money you spent on it.

    Healthy Environment

    With the regular and heavy foot traffic, dirt, and other debris, your carpets become the home of germs, bacterias, and allergens. The presence of these allergens is harmful to the health of your family. But regular carpet cleaning can prevent such situations.

    Prolonged carpet life

    Cleaning the carpets at the regular time of intervals also improves the lifespan of your carpets.

    Hence, there is no way, you should avoid carpet cleaning at regular intervals of time if you want a clean and healthier environment in the home. Moreover, besides cleaning the carpets at home, you should also hire professionals to for carpet deep cleaning to sustain the longevity for your


    Not sure whom to hire for your carpet cleaning services? We can help. Our team of professionals is licensed and have ample experience in carpet cleaning at residential as well as commercial properties. Our technicians are familiar with advanced tools and have appropriate knowledge about right cleaning methods and products to be used on the different carpet fibres. By leaving your carpets to our experts, you can enjoy peace of mind and hassle-free carpet cleaning. So, give yourself a break and let our professionals handle the job for you.


    Expert Carpet Cleaning Treatment



    Here the two methods that are highly effective in carpet stain removal. Depending on the type of stains, you can choose better about which treatment you should take.

    Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods
    Carpet Steam Cleaning:


    Carpet steam cleaning should be used for the heavy stains and accumulated dirt on the carpet. In this method, a special cleaning solution is pressure-injected to the carpet fibres and then it is extracted along with the pollutants set deep inside the carpet.


    Carpet Dry Cleaning: 


    Carpet dry cleaning is used to treat plant-based stains and water damage. In this method, a harmless dry powder is spread all across the carpet, which then is rubbed deep inside the fibre with the fine brush. Then the powder is extracted along with pulling out the impurities present in the carpet.


    Carpet Shampooing: 


    Another carpet deep cleaning method is carpet shampooing. We make the use of high-end shampoos and advanced cleaning tools for the removal of grime and stains from the carpets. Once we are done investigating your carpet fibre, we go ahead with the shampooing procedure for the thorough cleaning.


    Hot water extraction:


    It is a widely used method for cleaning the carpets by the professionals. Hot water extraction is confused with carpet steam cleaning, but these two are different cleaning approaches. Unlike steam cleaning, this method uses hot water and cleaning solutions to extract the dirt and grime from your carpets. This method is extremely helpful in getting rid of the stains.



    We believe in providing a little more than just carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning services are

    • Carpet steam cleaning
    • Carpet water damage restoration
    • Mould removal from carpets
    • Carpet sewage damage restoration
    • Carpet fire damage restoration
    • Domestic carpet cleaning
    • Carpet Stain Removal
    • Carpet sanitization
    • Commercial carpet cleaning
    • Carpet shampooing
    • Flood damage restoration
    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Our carpet restoration experts have the skills to take care of flooded carpets and washing machine leakage on carpets. Further, we can also handle hot water system leakage on carpet and tap overflow on carpets. However, you should remember to call us as soon as possible for effective carpet water restoration service.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Services


    We have a detailed and thorough Carpet Steam Cleaning process. This way we provide an unmatched carpet cleaning experience to our customers. Here is how we do it:

    • Once our cleaners reach your place, they do a thorough inspection of the carpet. Then they decide which cleaning method and solution would yield the best results.
    • After inspection, our cleaners indulge in carpet pre-vacuuming. This targets solid dirt particles on the carpet.
    • Afterwards, our cleaners do carpet stain removal with our tried and tested eco-friendly stain removal treatment.
    • In carpet steam cleaning, our carpet cleaner Adelaide always uses the hot water extraction method. This is the safest and finest way of cleaning any type of carpet. It uses hot pressurized water for deep cleaning of the carpet. It eliminates all contaminants and leaves the absolutely clean carpet.
    • Then our cleaners perform carpet drying using the latest air movers.
    • Finally, our cleaners do carpet deodorization to give a fresh look and feel to your carpet.


    Do you think carpet steam cleaning is not your cup of tea? Do you feel carpet dry cleaning is a better option for your carpets? No issues, we can do it for you. Our carpet dry cleaning process involves:

    • Our carpet cleaner Adelaide start the carpet dry cleaning process with a detailed carpet inspection.
    • After inspection, our cleaners indulge in carpet pre-vacuuming. This targets solid dirt particles on the carpet.
    • The third step is carpet washing with the help of agitation equipment.
    • Afterwards, our cleaners do post-vacuuming of the carpets to get rid of residual particles.
    • Finally, our cleaners do a thorough inspection of the carpet for the value retention of your carpet.

    So what are you waiting for? Call Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide and make your carpets clean again!


    Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

    Carpet Cleaning Adelaide


    Carpet Cleaning Checklist

    • It is necessary to shift all the furniture in the inception.
    • Then our experts eliminate all the accumulated water from the carpet fibres.
    • Vacuuming of the carpet completely.
    • It is necessary to clean the blemishes that persist after vacuuming.
    • Steam cleaning is the next step we follow because it eliminates most of the grime scraps and contaminants from the carpet.
    • Then our professionals use carpet shampooing to make the carpet clean and new.
    • Carpet deodorization to eliminate the remaining dirty smells.
    • Then our experts allow the carpet to dry thoroughly.


    Carpets can suffer many stains throughout the year and these stains can deteriorate the quality of the carpets. Chronic staining will result in permanent decolourisation of the carpet which will eventually lead to the collapse of the carpet beauty. Stains will also contaminate the carpet by attracting microbes and pathogens leading to bad home hygiene. So it is essential to get rid of stains asap so as to maintain the quality and life of the carpets. We can offer the best carpet stain removal service for you at affordable costs across Adelaide. We will deliver the following Carpet Stain Removal Services.


    Carpet Wine Stain Removal Services in Adelaide

    Carpet Wine Stain Removal Adelaide


    Any wine, if spilled on the carpet will result in staining which can spread throughout the carpets. Wine is loaded with natural colours and small amounts of alcohol which makes their stains stubborn. Our professional carpet cleaners will utilise best commercial solvents to dissolve away wine staining fluid. We will deliver perfect wine stain removal results in no time.


    People love having a sip of hot chocolate while watching the tv on the couch. If you accidentally spill hot chocolate on the carpet, you may very well see severe staining of the carpets. Dark brown stains which will not only look ugly but will often be difficult to be removed. We can provide you with a carpet hot chocolate stain removal service. Our professional cleaners use strong and safe commercial products to treat and remove chocolate stains. We will make sure that no amount of chocolate fluid is left deep within the carpet.

    Carpet Hot Chocolate Stain Removal Services
    Carpet Blood Stain Removal Services


    Bloodstains on the carpet can be very repulsive and offending to all of your family members and guests. Carpet Bloodstains will leave a brown-red spot after drying which is actually permanent. Bloodstains will also contaminate the carpet with harmful bacteria and viruses. We at Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning will provide you with carpet blood stain removal service. We use strong solvents that will break the bond between blood molecules and remove all the staining material.


    Ink stains can leave a devastating impact on the quality and beauty of the carpet. Inks fluid will spread all over and may seep deep within the carpet fibres. As all of the ink stains can cause permanent damage, it is advisable that you avail our carpet ink stain removal service. We use safe thinners and solvents to eradicate all the ink stains from the carpet. We will deliver further cleaning of the carpet to make sure no ink fluid is left in it.

    Carpet Ink Stain Removal Services
    Carpet Pet Hair Removal Services


    Pets have become an official member for every house owner nowadays and we all love giving perseverance to them, however, apart from that, they all face many quandaries because of their pets. Pets have long fur and their hair usually gets stick to objects on which they sit and sleep it comprise carpets and couches. We offer carpet pet hair removal services to remove all those furs from your carpet with the help of using advanced and eco-friendly machines.


    If you have pets or small kids at home then chances are you may have faced urine stains on the carpet. Any kind of urine stain on the carpet can be very repulsive and obnoxious for us. Urine stains will contaminate the carpet and promote germ growth. It is advisable that you treat urine stains asap or else it will not only promote a bad home environment but will also make your carpets to stink. We will deliver the best carpet urine stain removal service for you. We use safe and effective commercial products to treat and eradicate pet urine stains from the carpet.

    Carpet Urine Stain Removal Services
    Carpet Juice Stain Removal Service


    Juice stains can cause damage and decolouration of the carpet. Natural colours will damage the beauty of the carpet while acidic content in the juice will damage the fibres. We are available to provide you with the best carpet juice stain removal service. Our stain removal experts use safe and effective solvents to remove juice stains from the carpet. Moreover, we will not only eradicate all the juice stains but will also balance the natural ph of the carpet.


    When the coffee falls on the carpet it leaves its stain marks as the carpet fabrics absorb them quickly. The stain removal process requires the instant blotting of the coffee liquid and then washing the spot with the cleaning solution and freshwater. If you are unable to remove them call the professionals and get it done. They are capable of removing any types of stain at your carpet.

    Carpet Coffee Stain Removal Services


    Carpets installed on your commercial spaces suffer heavy use and face chronic withering. Carpets can also accumulate heavy amounts of dirt, dust, and debris. With time chronic stains combined with the dirt will result in permanent damage to the carpet. Our experienced professionals will provide you with a commercial carpet cleaning service. We will use safe and effective products for complete stain removal from the carpet. The latest tools and equipment are utilised to deliver the best carpet cleaning results. We use heavy vacuum cleaners to eradicate every single spec of dirt from the carpet. Now get the benefit of our affordable commercial carpet cleaning service in Adelaide today by hiring us,


    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

    Residential Carpet Cleaning Adelaide


    Carpets installed in your homes or residences require routine cleaning from time to time. We will provide you with an affordable and effective residential carpet cleaning Adelaide service. Our professional carpet cleaners use safe and effective commercial products to treat the stains. We will deliver perfect carpet cleaning results in no time while maintaining the overall quality of your home environment. Now get all the carpet installed in your homes professionally cleaned by hiring today.



    Dirty and unclean carpets can get contaminated with many dangerous germs and pathogens. It is important to maintain the hygiene of the carpet as it can directly affect your home environment. Carpets can actually harbour many parasites, germs and mould or algae, any exposure to these will result in diseases and allergies. We will provide you with a carpet sanitisation service. Carpet sanitisation service will help in the complete eradication of germs and pathogens while also getting rid of parasites and viruses. We use strong and effective commercial products to disinfect the carpet, antifungal, and antimicrobial solutions that are used to further remove any other pathogen or fungus.


    Carpet Sanitisation And Anti Allergic Treatments Service



    Being a renowned name we provide carpet cleaning as well as carpet repair services. We use safe and effective methods to clean and repair the carpets. Our professional carpet cleaners can repair and restore any amount of damage suffered by the carpets. We will treat burn damage, water damage, tearing or withering of carpet fibres, almost everything in o time. Our professional technicians are equipped with modern-day tools and equipment. We can deliver the best and perfect carpet repair and restoration results for you within 24 hours.



    Flooded carpets? Looking for the best flood damage restoration services in Adelaide? We can help. Flooded carpets if not treated on time become the source of numerous health issues. They attract allergens and mould that contaminate the environment and spread disease. Don’t wait for a miracle for your carpets to dry on their own, and hire our professionals for carpet flood damage restoration in Adelaide.


    Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration Services Adelaide



    Mould on the carpets is the situation that is inevitable as well as dangerous.  But The cleaning team of our professionals can handle this as well. Presence of mould on your carpet leads to various disease like constant cough, sneezing, wheezing and many health problems. You may or may not want to, but you need to hire the professionals for carpet mould treatment. Cleaning mould on your own can be more dangerous, as direct and close exposure to mould can cause problems. If the same is the case with your carpets looks more than us.




    Get protection against stain on your carpets and the most affordable prices in Adelaide. Our cleaning team will spray Scotchgard solution evenly on every inch of your carpet after the cleaning procedure. We provide complete care for your carpet under the single roof. We provide protection for all types of carpet fibres.

    • Woolen Carpet Stain Protection
    • Nylon Carpet Stain Protection
    • Olefin Carpet Stain Protection
    • Polyester Carpet Stain Protection
    • Acrylic Carpet Stain Protection
    Scotchgard Carpet FabricProtection Service


    Wool Carpet Cleaning Adelaide


    The team of our professionals is specialised also specialised in cleaning woollen carpets. With the help of specialised solutions, advanced tools, and appropriate skills, we bring the best results for wool carpet cleaning. Cleaning your natural fibres carpets at home is never a good idea, as you may end up ruining the beauty as well as their condition. Once the cleaning is done, we inspect as well as deodorize your carpets as our final steps.



    Get your rugs cleaned and sanitised at amazing prices in Adelaide. Equipped with the latest devices and appropriate skills, we are capable of providing you with the best rug cleaning services in Adelaide. Our soft and eco-friendly soft maintain the delicacy and colours of your beautiful rugs. So trust your local partners for rug and carpet cleaning, and avail them at your doorstep. 


    Rug Carpet Cleaning Services

    Local Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

    Local Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

    We have local cleaners for carpet cleaning Adelaide services and they live in southern suburbs, western suburbs, northern suburbs, and eastern suburbs. Our experts are known to make the carpet look fresh and new. We offer local carpet steam cleaning, stain removing, and dry cleaning with high-end results at an affordable and reasonable price. Call 0488 845 531 for local carpet cleaning service from us. 

    • Our Local Carpet Cleaners are licensed and expert.
    • Our local cleaners provide rapid response for same day and emergency cleaning.
    • We can remove odours and stubborn stains from carpets naturally.
    • We can extend the life of your carpets.
    • Our local cleaners will do Deep Carpet Steam Cleaning.


    Are you shifting to a new home and want your carpets cleaned or are you just looking for end of lease carpet cleaning service. We will provide you with the best end of lease carpet cleaning service in Adelaide. We are a local name in Adelaide and we deliver our carpet cleaning service in every part of town. Our cleaning experts will provide same-day end of lease carpet cleaning just to save you time. You can increase the chances of getting your bond back by hiring our end of lease carpet cleaning service today in Adelaide.

    End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Services


    We are offering Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Adelaide for the last 15 years. Our cleaners are highly trained and experienced. We don’t only clean your carpets but take full responsibility for our services. For this, we provide full proof of carpet cleaning solutions. Pay for our carpet cleaning and if we are unable to make you happy then you can ask for a re-service at no additional cost.


    Have you spilled something on your carpet, or it needs immediate attention for preventing damage. We proudly offer quality steam cleaning service in which we accept the services on an emergency basis and provide the services on the same day. To do the job we have a special team, who is more fast and efficient. This ensures the quality cleaning service, for bookings or any other queries, reach out to us. We will provide you with all the information and help you with booking the service. Switch to a healthier life with cleaner and hygienic carpets by choosing our excellent carpet cleaning services in Adelaide.


    Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning is one of its kind of company. There are many factors that make us different from other carpet cleaners Adelaide:

    • Amazing carpet cleaning service.
    • Same day carpet cleaning.
    • Emergency carpet cleaning.
    • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
    • Licensed and certified cleaners.
    • Free quote with no hidden charge.
    • Carpet cleaning all across Adelaide.


    Will All the Carpet Stains Come Out?

    Certainly, our carpet stain removal service is capable of removing all types of stain. Thus, when you get the service from us there will be no stain at all on your carpet (T&C apply).

    Are the Products and Solutions Used Harmful to Children or Pets?

    We only used the recommended and authorized products and machines in the cleaning service so there is no risk for anyone. Children and pets are more vulnerable to the allergy so any use of such a product can affect them. Our service is completely safe.

    How Long Does Water Extraction Cleaning Take to Dry?

    Drying times vary depending on several factors. The extraction process also has a main role. If you will get this process done by the best team then the carpet drying time will reduce as they will extract the maximum amount of water.

    What type of chemicals do you use while carpet cleaning?

    Our chemicals are always innoxious for your carpet and children. We further consider your necessities and your health. Therefore, We use Non-toxic cleaning chemicals. Our skilled professionals are always enthusiastic to provide their most reliable carpet cleaning services at the most affordable cost. Call us immediately!!

    Is carpet cleaning safe for pets?

    Yes, the services we offer are completely safe for the well-being of your pets. We use specialized cleaning solutions that do not cause any damage to the health of your family members as well as carpet fibres.

    Do you offer same-day service?

    We have the facility for service on the same day of booking. The charges for the service may vary. Our professionals can reach your place within 2-3 hours of booking for urgent carpet cleaning needs.

    Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia