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Keeping a stain-free carpet at your home is difficult. Carpets get dirty easily as all the coming guests place their foot on them. Hence, here are some common tips for a stain-free carpet.

A Stain Free Carpet

Frequent Cleaning

Don’t leave any spot on them. It will turn into a tough stain. So, cleaning your carpets regularly is essential. You should use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all dust and dirt particles. It will also extract all the small food and paper litter. By using a vacuum cleaner, you can minimise the chances of seasonal allergies. You can clean the carpets by various methods like steam cleaning or using any non-toxic detergents. Therefore, treat spills fast for stain-free carpet.

Apply a Stain-Resistant Layer

Always clean any spills on carpets as soon as they occur. When it is left untreated, it turns into a nasty stain. Therefore, apply a stain-resistant coat on them. It will prevent the dust particles from accumulating underneath. You can apply a protective coat on your own. If it is not possible for you, you can hire professional cleaners.

Say NO To Shoes

Always remove your dirty shoes before entering your house. This will keep all the unwanted dirt out of your house. Dirty shoes damage the texture and quality of carpets. So, don’t put on your shoes in the house for a clean and neat carpet. 

Use Door Mats or Rugs Instead

Carpets are an expensive item in your home. They can not be washed easily. Therefore, use plastic mats and rugs. Use them at the entrance of the door. Spread rugs near the dining area. This will avoid spilling food items directly on carpets.

Train Your Pets well

To avoid foul pet smell, take care of pet hygiene. Therefore, regular bathing is vital. Give toilet training to your pets. This will avoid the urine smell from your carpets. Train your pets to use rugs or mats. So, direct dust will not come on your expensive carpet.

Keep your kids away

Kids often spill drink and food items on the carpet. Therefore, keep your kids away from the carpet area. Train your kids to have eatable items in the dining area only. This will keep your carpet stain-free. Moreover, guide your kids to play in the play area only. 

Try professional carpet cleaning

Cleaning your valuable carpet by yourself can damage them. It can lose its shine. If you are not well trained, then professional carpet cleaning is required. You can clean the carpet yourself sometimes. But professional carpet cleaning is important once a year.  Expert cleaners have a deep knowledge of the type of stain. They use effective and efficient ways to clean all the stains. So, to upgrade the quality of your carpet, hire carpet cleaning professionals. Removal of tough stains needs professional help. The cleaning company provides deep cleaning of your carpets. Call a professional carpet cleaner if it is tough for you to remove.

Remove Stain from a Carpet
Remove Stain from a Carpet

24*7 Deep cleaning of carpets by professionals

Above listed are some quick tips to get stain-free carpet. Despite these tips, your carpets get stained, you can call us anytime. Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning take care of deep and thorough cleaning of your carpets. So, you can contact us 24*7. We are always there to take care of them at an affordable price. Our professional cleaners and their methods will regain their shine. Our best carpet steam cleaning services will relieve you from all cleaning worries. Just give us a call right away to experience the difference always.

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