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Hire Us for Carpet Repair in Perth

Does your carpet look ugly because of frayed edges and scratch marks? Now, you can get your flawless carpet back by relying on the amazing carpet repair Perth services. At Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning, we have a team of trained people who work seven days a week to serve both commercial and residential clients all across Perth.

A torn and frayed carpet does not look pleasing to the eyes. Also, people can get injuries because of the uneven carpet surface. If you have been suffering from these issues, contact us today. We will tell you more about the services and the procedure to book the same.

Carpet Repair Perth
Carpet Repair Perth

Why Choose Us?

Carpet is an expensive purchase and you must take care of it to make it last longer. Here is why you can rely on us for carpet repair services in Perth:

  • We guarantee good and quick results.
  • We promise to provide high-quality services.
  • Our services are not costly.
  • The team working with us is experienced and certified.
  • We use modern tools and techniques to repair the carpet.
  • Our company accepts same-day or emergency bookings.

Why You Should Book Carpet Repair Services in Perth?

There are several reasons why you should keep the carpets repaired all the time:

  • The life of the carpet increases when it is repaired frequently by trained people.
  • The infrastructure looks elegant when the carpet is kept in its finest state.
  • There are no hindrances while moving on a well-maintained carpet.
  • Carpet repair Perth service is necessary to avoid further damage to the carpet.
  • You can stay stress-free by handing over the carpet repair work to professionals.


Carpet Holes Repair Perth
Carpet Holes Repair Perth

Our Service Areas

Carpet Re-Stretching Perth
Carpet Re-Stretching Perth

Our Carpet Repair Services in Perth

The carpet repair Perth services offered by our company are as follows:

1. Carpet Burn Repair

Gone are the days when you had to replace the carpet due to burn marks. Now, you can book our service and get the burnt areas repaired. In this service, our team removes the burn areas from the carpet and stitch a patch.

2. Carpet Seam Repairs Perth

Get rid of the frayed seams by hiring our carpet repair experts. We can reglue or sew the seams again to minimise the risk of tripping.

3. Water Damage Repairs

Is too much water decaying the carpet from the ends? Our experts can deal with severe cases of water flooding. They can remove lots of water in one go and repair the damage caused by it. We work quickly and eliminate the chances of mould formation.

4. Pet Damage Repair

If pets are ruining your carpet with chewing and scratching, hire us today and get the damage repaired. We will sew the ends properly and mend the holes with the patching method. You will get a perfect carpet at the end of the process.

5. Carpet Fitting Service

Whether you have purchased a new carpet or want to re-install the carpet, you can seek help from our professionals. We will use the best practices to fit the carpet in the room. We will ensure that you don’t face any problems in near future due to improper carpet fitting.

6. Carpet Patch Repair Perth

To remove the large-sized holes and torn sections in a carpet, you need to book a carpet patching service. Our team will take out a patch from the carpet and use it to cover the damaged part. Patching is one of the finest techniques that can resolve various problems.

7. Carpet Stretching

We can stretch the carpet tightly with help of a carpet stretcher. Our precise techniques can remove the ripples, wrinkles, and buckles from the carpet. If you need carpet stretching work, don’t forget to contact us.


Carpet Seam Repair Perth
Carpet Seam Repair Perth

Useful Carpet Repair Services for Commercial Places

What do you notice while entering a commercial place? The very first thing is the carpet that covers the floors. A carpet filled with stains, holes, torn edges, and ripples can spoil the mood of the visitors. If you are a commercial property owner, make it a point to book carpet repair service at least once a year. In this way, you will be able to keep the original state of the carpet intact for a long time.


Carpet Burn Repair Services Perth
Carpet Burn Repair Services Perth

We Accept Same-Day Bookings

If you ever need carpet repair service urgently, call Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning immediately. Within a few hours, our professionals will be there at your doorstep. You can hand over the worries to our professionals and they will take care of the health of your carpet.


Professional Carpet Repair Perth
Professional Carpet Repair Perth

Affordable Service Experienced Staff

Whether your carpet is made up of velvet or silk, we can repair a variety of carpet materials with advanced methods. Our experienced team know how to deal with severe damage. You will be surprised to see how neatly we conceal the problematic areas of the carpet. Also, we promise to provide the best quality services at affordable prices. Isn’t it amazing?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you repair the carpet holes made by the moths?

Yes, we can repair the holes in a carpet with techniques such as sewing patching and taping.

  1. Can you repair the cigarette marks on the carpet?

Yes, our carpet repair team mend all kinds of burn marks on the carpet.

  1. Where do you provide the carpet repair services?

Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning provides its services in all the major cities in Australia such as Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, and Sydney.

  1. What is the price of the carpet repair Perth service?

The price quoted is based on multiple factors such as the number of carpets, treatment required, size of the room, etc. If you need a quote, feel free to call us.

  1. Which commercial places are served by your company?

Our company offers different types of carpet repair services to almost all the commercial places such as retail stores, malls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools etc.

Gem of Services

I run a majority of eatery with carpets surfacing my whole floor. I was prescribed Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning for repairing them, and their expert administration astounded me. In addition to the fact that they made my carpet look fresh and new,
- Harrison

Excellent Help Services

We were a very pleased with our latest carpet repair made by Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning. We had a hole in our new carpet, due to which we came out on time.
- Ella Jones

Lovely Experience

My carpet was burned by iron so I went looking for leading carpet service providers in Perth. Finally, I chose Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning as their reviews were good. I am glad I did so because I got an amazing carpet repair service from Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning. The service was quick and detailed. The one thing I liked about the team of Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning that they value the time of their clients and finish their work in less time. My carpet is been repaired excellently at a nominal price. I really had a lovely experience with Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning and would love to recommend them. Thank you Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning.
- Harley

Location: Perth, WA, Australia

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