Professional Rug Cleaning Sydney

Top-Rated Rug Cleaning Services in Sydney

Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning is a renowned old cleaning company in Sydney. With years of experience, we have expertise and knowledge of all types of rug cleaning services. We only hire professional and trained cleaners to clean the rug properly. Our rug cleaning services are available in both home and offices. We use the best cleaning solutions and machines to deliver effective and efficient rug cleaning Sydney. 

Professional Rug Cleaning Sydney
Rug Cleaning Service

Rug plays an important role in human life. So, it is important to the clean rug to live a hygienic environment. Leaving dirty and unclean rugs can cause some severe health problems. Regular professional cleaning is necessary to maintain the rug’s quality and extend its life. Get your rug cleaned with professional cleaners at an affordable price. We can clean any types of rugs such as oriental, Persian and wool rugs. Contact us or fill the contact form to get a free quote about our services.   

Rug Cleaning Sydney: Our Service:

Professional cleaners at rug & carpet cleaning Sydney are expert in handling all types of rug cleaning services. We have hired local and professional cleaners to deliver effective and best stain removal services in both commercial and residential areas. 

  • Rug Sanitising & Deodorising
  • Wet Rug Cleaning
  • Commercial Rug Cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Flooded Rug Clean Up
  • Pet Stain and Odour Removal
  • Vomit Cleanup
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Residential Rug Cleaning
  • Mould Restoration
  • Steam & Dry Cleaning
  • Coffee/Tea/Blood/ Wine Stains Removal from rug
  • Emergency Rug Cleaning
  • Same Day Rug Cleaning 

Rug Steam Cleaning

Rug gets deep cleaned with steam cleaning. This process is very effective and efficient for rug cleaning. The steam cleaning method is suggested by professional cleaners. Rug steam cleaning removes dirt, bacteria and dust. We don’t use any harmful and harsh chemicals for steam cleaning services. Our cleaners have effectively cleaned many rugs using steam cleaning process. We only use eco-friendly solutions to get the best and safe results. Our cleaners are experts in delivering cost-effective and quality cleaning services. Reach us to avail rug steam cleaning services at a reasonable cost. 

Rug Dry Cleaning Sydney

Dry cleaning services are the best option for removing dirt and stains from the rug. This process is mostly used in winters. We use foam-based solutions in the dry cleaning process to deep clean the rug. Our cleaners are trained and experienced in rug dry cleaning. We also use vacuums to suck all the pollutants, dirt, and stains from a rug. With upgraded dry cleaning machines and eco-friendly solutions, removing stains and cleaning rug becomes easy. Contact us to avail our rug dry cleaning services on a single day of booking.

We Can Remove All Types of Stains from Rug:

With proper knowledge, experience and upgraded tools, we can remove any kind of stains from rugs. Our cleaners can remove both dry and fresh stains using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. 

  • Wine Stain Removal:

    Wine leaves red stains on the rug which may lead to fibre damages and decolourisation. Professional cleaners at rug cleaning Sydney has proper knowledge in removing rug stain. We use the best and effective cleaning solutions to remove wine stains. Removing stains on your own can spread stains all over the rug, so it’s better to contact professional cleaners. Get us now for wine stain removal.  
  • Ink Stain Removal:

    Ink easily mix and spreads in rug’s fibres so it’s hard to remove the ink stain. But we can easily clean the ink stains with our effective methods and solutions. Get your ink stain removed by professional cleaners to prevent rug damage.
  • Bloodstain Removal:

    Removing blood stain is not easy. Blood on the rugs leads to many health and hygiene issues. It is the hub for germs and allergens. Remove blood as soon as you observe it otherwise it will become dry and permanent. Instant rug cleaning can remove the blood layers easily but if it sets on the rug then you’ll need professional cleaners. Our cleaners have expertise in bloodstain removal. Get rid of bloodstains with professional cleaners before it damages the rug.
  • Coffee Stain Removal:

    It is not easy to clean coffee stains. The coffee stain is the most common stain that can be found everywhere. Cleaning a coffee stain need professional assistance. Our cleaners are professional and can easily handle coffee stains. We can easily remove coffee stains from rugs using the best solutions and advanced equipment. Our cleaning solutions are safe and eco-friendly. Keep your rug clean and fresh with our professional coffee stain removal services. 

Commercial Rug Cleaning Sydney

Rug at the commercial areas gets easily dirty due to regular and high traffic. Unclean and dirty rug at commercial areas can form germs, allergens and bacteria which can be harmful to health. Professional rug cleaning is necessary to maintain cleanliness and freshness in a rug. Our cleaners are certified and licensed to deliver rug cleaning services in commercial areas. We only use eco-friendly and standard solutions to clean the rug without disturbing your office work. Our rug cleaning services are available in all types of commercial areas such as offices, schools, hotels and restaurants. Reach us to experience an amazing commercial rug cleaning Sydney at an affordable cost. 

Types of Rug We Clean

Our experienced, trained and licensed cleaners have expertise in cleaning all kinds of the rug. We are equipped with updated tools and standard solutions to clean any kinds of the rug. Our cleaners have proper knowledge and experience of all types of rugs. We can restore and clean any rugs such as Persian, wool, coir, silk, fur, oriental, synthetic, and cotton rugs. 

Rug Sanitising Sydney

Rug sanitising is one of the effective and best methods to remove germs, bacteria and allergens. Dirty rugs attract allergens, bacteria and germs which can lead to health problems. Rug sanitising is necessary to keep the rug fresh and hygienic. Our cleaners are certified and trained to deliver professional sanitising services. We use eco-friendly solutions and effective techniques for quick and safe sanitising service. Contact professional cleaners to sanitise the rug and live in a healthy environment. 

Rug Cleaning Service
Rug Cleaning Service

Why Choose Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning for Rug Cleaning Sydney?

Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning is a leading rug cleaning service provider in Sydney. We have hired local cleaners to deliver quick and local cleaning services in Sydney. 

Our Cleaning Services are Excellent and Cost-Effective:

  • Years of experience
  • Wide range of rug cleaning services
  • 24*7 customer service
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Team of licensed and qualified cleaners
  • Advanced equipment and safe solutions

Get your rug cleaned with professional cleaners to experience a fresh and clean rug. Avail our cleaning services on the same day of booking at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of Booking Rug Cleaning Sydney Services

You should mark at least one date on a calendar for the rug cleaning services if you want your rug to stay shiny and clean for a long duration. Make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of DIY hacks because professional services have many benefits. Below mentioned is a list of advantages that you can get by choosing the rug cleaning services:

  • The rugs last longer when cleaned regularly.
  • Deep cleaning ensures the complete removal of dirt, germs, and mould.
  • The rugs remain shiny and healthy for a long time.
  • Advanced cleaning techniques can clean the rugs within a few minutes.
  • In commercial places, the rug cleaning services literally save the reputation of the business owner.

How do We Clean the Rugs?

Rugs play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the surroundings. Our experts use different ways to eliminate the problems existing in the rugs. The experts at Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning adhere to a systematic plan in order to clean the rugs. To know about the procedure, have a look at these steps:

Reviewing the Carpet

Upon receiving the booking request, the rug cleaning Sydney specialists inspect the position of the rugs. Problems such as moulds, stains, and odours are identified and noted. Based on the inspection, we choose the right products and treatments

Removal of Debris

With help of a vacuum cleaner, we remove debris such as dust particles, allergens, and sand particles. The vacuum cleaners used by our professionals are not ordinary ones. They use advanced machines with HEPA filters for the cleaning work.

Spot Treatment for Stain Removal

To remove the stains formed due to pet urine, wine, coffee, oil, mould, and other things, we spray stain removal product on the marks. Within a few minutes, the stains get dissolved because of our products.

Modern Rug Cleaning Ways

We choose the best suitable cleaning treatment for the rug. Stain removal treatment, steam cleaning, mould removal treatment, dry cleaning, shampooing, and hot water extraction are some modern rug cleaning solutions that we use to revive the condition of the rug.

The dry cleaning method is used to clean luxurious rugs that have intricate designs. It is a mess-free and dry way of removing the marks. Instead of water, a dry cleaning solvent is used to remove the dirt patches and stains.

When our clients have an allergy history because of cleaning agents, we prefer to use techniques such as steam cleaning and hot water extractions. For the best possible results, we use modern and effective devices.

Germ and Odour Removal

Our professionals choose the perfect products to remove the germs and odours from a rug. Even after cleaning the rugs thoroughly, we make sure that bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are destroyed with our disinfectant solvents.


When the weather conditions are suitable, our team leave the windows open for the sunlight and air to come in. In case of unfavourable conditions, natural sources like sunlight and air or artificial sources like fans and blowers are utilised by our team to dry the rugs.

Rug Cleaning Services for Homes

Do your kids often suffer from allergies? The reason can be the dirty rugs on which they play. It is common for kids to eat the food particles that fall on the rug. Kids suffer from stomach infections because of this reason. The risk of allergies increases if the house has a pet also. The hair and fur from the pet’s body act like allergens. If you don’t want your rug to look shabby and become a hub for microbes, you must contact Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning for rug cleaning Sydney services. For better management of home maintenance, we also offer services such as carpet cleaning Sydney and carpet repair Sydney. Feel free to call us to book these services.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

These days, people have become more cautious about the use of cleaning agents on rugs. They want to avoid the use of harsh products that cause skin and breathing troubles. To protect the clients from the negative effects of strong chemicals, we use the techniques like steam cleaning and hot water extraction. No residues are left on the rug after these cleaning treatments. If you have toddlers or pets at home, don’t forget to book our safe and environment-friendly rug cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions On Rug Cleaning Sydney

Do you offer same-day cleaning service?

Yes, We have a team of professional cleaners to provide the best same day cleaning service.

Are your team licensed and expert?

We have hired an expert and licensed team for the best and effective cleaning results.

How much do you charge for urine stain removal?

The cost of urine stain removal depends on the intensity of stains. Our cleaners will tell the cost after visiting your place.

Can you remove the stubborn stains from my rugs?

Yes, our professionals have uniques methods and techniques for the removal of stubborn stains. It is necessary to take the help of the professionals because of damage risks with unsafe cleaning.

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

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