What Is A Carpet Beetle And How Does It Damage Your Carpet?

Carpet Beetle are nothing but the beetles that are small pests which cause many problems in our carpet if left untreated. Carpet Beetle lays eggs on carpets where their children feeds and lives on the beetles. They are attracted to natural fibers and they feed and damage carpets and various furniture. The carpet beetles also cause various itchy skin and redness because of allergic reactions and there are many types of carpet beetle and every kind is dangerous for humans as the tend to give us allergic reactions where children get affected more. Some people have found this beetle uncomfortable so that the carpets must be kept cleaned. You need to hire a carpet cleaner to get rid of the same so that your carpets can remain in perfect condition.

What all types of carpet beetle can damage your carpets?

Carpet Beetle are caused because of the dirt and odor present in the carpet and that causes the carpet beetle to live in it and there are two major types of carpet beetles. They feed on dead insects some on furniture and fabric and natural products.

Black Carpet Beetle – They feed on both fabrics and products such as grains and they are in a dark brown color sometimes black with a bullet shaped and they grow  ½ in length and they have long antennae with brown legs.

Varied Carpet Beetle – They also feed on fabrics and products and they also feed on dead insects too where the adult beetles grow about 2-3 mm and they are a mix of brown and white with some patches. These beetles are the one that are most commonly found in the carpets, and needs expert carpet cleaning Ocean Grove professional to evacuate them thoroughly.

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Carpet Beetles are always associated where there are dead insects just laid out and we should make and keep the carpet clean as they feed on hair balls and broken furniture and clean them always. When the carpets are being cleaned regularly the beetles are just washed up along with the dirt  and when not using the carpet store it closed so that no carpet beetles could have access to it and they tend to last long if they have any amount of food left in the carpet. Cleaning the carpet are very necessary and there are many methods that are being there so that the carpet beetles are being cleared and make your sweet home free from many diseases, germs and insects like carpet beetles that are harmful for you and your family.


Carpet Beetle comes looking for flower nectar as they are interested in it and while they come they enter through the gab and they just lay on the carpet and lay eggs where there are no light deep inside in the carpet and they look for food which are broken furniture and dead insects which are on the ground and feed on them and keep their larva safe. They normally doesn’t come for staying in carpets but they adapt within the home and stay in there where they lay eggs and make sure that hatches. The carpet beetles doesn’t bite but when they touch they tend to provide itchy red skin which makes us uncomfortable and it may be present for a while still itching our skin.


The female carpet beetles lays about 25-100 eggs which they hatch within two weeks of period and they survive within variety of humidity and weather conditions and they tend to avoid sunny side and depending on the food and resources available it will take time for the larva to develop into well grown adults. Once they are in the carpet they doesn’t come to the bright side and they just grow into adults.

What special do we do to get rid off them?

Carpet Cleaning professionals make sure that pesticides are used on the area effected by the carpet beetles. As per a recent review, the maximum damage done to carpets is by the carpet beetles which make sure to turn carpets obsolete. Carpet Cleaning can help you to spot the beetle, and destroy them thoroughly and give you tips on how you can stay away from them. We at Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning  train our professionals to help you entirely through the process with patience so that you are sure of keeping your carpets like new.

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