Some Frequently Asked Questions About Office Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpet is an important task and especially if the carpet is an office carpet, then, carpet cleaning becomes mandatory. An office carpet deals with a huge amount of traffic. The in and out of peoples goes on every time which makes the office carpet looks dirty and dull. Even, the high traffic shortens the life of the carpets. So, it becomes very mandatory to get the office carpet cleaned by expert carpet cleaning.

Hiring an expert carpet cleaning Melbourne brings lots of questions to your mind. It is very common to happen as you don’t have any idea about expert carpet cleaning. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions about office carpet cleaning.

Office Carpet Cleaning
Office Carpet Cleaning

1. How Do You Remove Stains From Carpets?

Before you hire a professional for office carpet cleaning, you must have a question in your mind about how to remove stains from the carpet. There are many techniques or methods to do carpet stain removal, so, before hiring you should always check what kind of method they are going to use for carpet cleaning and whether the method they will use for carpet cleaning is eco-friendly or not. Using eco-friendly methods will also improve the air quality of your commercial building.

2. How Long Does It Take The Carpet To Dry?

Expert carpet cleaning cleans the office carpet very carefully. They understand that in commercial buildings people go in and out, so, if the carpet takes too long to get dry then it will be a very big problem for the property owner. To avoid this problem, the office carpet cleaning makes sure that the carpet is not getting wet during the procedure. On the other hand, they have some great equipment like big vacuums which dry the office carpet within 15 minutes. That means the office carpet cleaning is not going to affect your busy life for long.

3. Are They Going To Remove Furniture For Cleaning The Carpet?

Under industry safety standards, the experts will move the light-weighted furniture, but when it comes to lifting the heavy weighted or pricy furniture then, you need to hand them on. You don’t have to worry about anything, the experts will take care of everything during the process.

4. Does The Office Carpet Cleaning Safe For My Employees or Customers?

Office carpet cleaning is safe, the professionals do use the chemical substance for cleaning the carpet and bringing it back to life, but, the chemicals are organic or non-hazardous. The chemicals used during the procedure also improve the air quality of the area which keeps your employees or customers healthy and also those chemicals keep bad odors away from your commercial building.

5.  Is There Any Warranty On Office Carpet Cleaning?

Well, it depends upon the carpet cleaning service. Many companies do provide a warranty and even after cleaning the carpet, they keep coming to check the health of the carpet. So, before you hire any service do check for it.


Hiring a professional for effective carpet cleaning is the best option. There are many benefits you get and on the other hand, it’s very hard to maintain an office carpet due to high traffic. So, hiring experts will help you to maintain your office carpet.

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