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This question just does not rely on a single answer. Should I get my carpets cleaned after every 12 months? The answer to this is it totally depends on the nature of usage you tend to adopt the carpet. There are various aspects on which the answer to this question varies accordingly.

Even the fiber of your carpet plays a major role while answering the answer to this question. Picking up the quality carpet will allow you to quickly get rid of the mild stains or odor. Moreover, vacuuming your carpet regularly will add up to the increase in the time gap of your deep carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

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Now Let Me Run you Through a Few of The Situations: –

  1. Now if the carpet sits in a very small area of your room or you tend to step above your carpet very rarely, then according to the survey, you should opt for professional carpet cleaning at least once in 12 to 18 months. This is because your carpet is anyhow not going to get dirt to accumulate over it. Vacuuming your carpet once in a week will work for you.
  2. But if you have kids at your apartment again the answer to the question modifies, you need to keep a notice over it and hire a professional every 6 to 12 months. If needed you can even call a professional after 3 months as required. This will ensure the health safety of your kid and let it laze above the carpet with fun.
  3. Additionally, if you have pets at your place, or if you usually tend to allow a lot of footprints to step on your carpet, then once every 3 to 6 months you shall hire a professional carpet cleaner. This secures you with the thorough removal of the pet hair which shall not interrupt your routine by spreading it all over the carpet. If not cleaned periodically, this might also allow the bacteria to breed over it.
  4. The Color of your carpet also steps in for the answer to the question. However, the light-colored carpets usually require a lot of cleaning when compared to the dark-colored carpets.
  5. Vacuum And Stain Removal Therapy would extend your professional carpet cleaning time period if you seriously work over the stains of your carpet and vacuuming your carpet daily if possible if it has huge traffic over a day’s period.
  6. The answer also comes up like the way you treat your carpet. If you take a look at our blog article for “Ending dirty carpet problems forever,” you will find various methods to do so and hence it might again increase the deep carpet cleaning span.

We Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning is the skilled carpet cleaners are having the various techniques to deal with each scenario to clean your carpets and to maintain it for a longer period. Therefore, this was all about Should you get your carpets cleaned after every 12 months?

David is the owner of Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning. Being an expert, along with the owner of a carpet cleaning company, has made his business even more successful. Understanding the needs of the people has led to an increment in the number of customers.