What kind of carpet cleaning services do you offer?

Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning offers a vast variety of carpet cleaning services in all suburbs of Melbourne. Whether you need carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning, we can help you get it all done at a very affordable cost. We do carpet stain removal, carpet water extraction, carpet flood restoration, carpet mould restoration, pet stain removal, odor removal, wool carpet cleaning, wet carpet cleaning, carpet sanitizing and carpet deodorizing etc. In short, we can take care of all your carpet cleaning and carpet repairing needs.

What are your working hours?

With a universal reputation in Melbourne, we have a flexible schedule designed to cater your specific requisites. We work 7am to 7pm from Monday-Sunday. Our wide coverage ensures that you find a time that suits you the best. Our availability on weekends makes it much easier for many of our customers who are unable to get carpet cleaning services on weekdays. Also, you can give us a call and have a word with our executives anytime of the day as they work round the clock to be available for you whenever you need us!

Can water damaged carpet be restored?

Yes, if it is treated with the right methods at the right time. Water damaged carpets need to be treated with utmost precision but as soon as possible. So the best advice for you is to call us whenever you come across excess water on your expensive carpets. Whether it is because of a washing machine leakage, a roof leakage, a tap leakage, or flood water – our cleaners are trained to handle all such situations. Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning is able to restore your water damaged carpets in the best possible manner.

What kind of cleaning chemicals do you use for domestic carpet cleaning?

At Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning, we only use bio-friendly cleaning solutions for domestic carpet cleaning as well as commercial carpet cleaning. Our cleaning solutions are hard on stains and dirt but mild on the fabric of the carpet. Moreover, our chemical free cleaning solutions improvise the lives of your carpets and are harmless for the environment. We hate spoiling our environment and so we take all the necessary precautions.

Can you perform carpet shampooing on a weekend?

Yes, our teams at Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning works throughout the weekend to offer you an expert service anytime you need it. So if you want us to shampoo your valuable carpets on weekend, then we will arrange for the same as per your convenience. All you have to do is give us a call on 1300 660 487 and we will do the rest!

Can you do wool carpet cleaning?

With a long and respected history of cleaning a variety of carpets in Melbourne, Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning is a reliable name for carpet cleaning. We specialize in all types of carpets and we treat them well irrespective of their sizes, shapes, fabrics, and conditions. Our cleaners are trained to clean wool carpets, Moroccan carpets, Chinese carpets, Turkish carpets, Oriental rugs, and Persian carpets etc. Our rich experience has shown us all. You name it and we will do it!

Chemicals will damage my expensive carpets. How can let you use chemicals on them?

We at Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning DO NOT use any chemicals for carpet cleaning. Our carpet steam cleaning method involves hot water extraction method where we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and extract all the dangerous elements along with dirt and stains from your carpets.

Do you assure the quality of your carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne?

Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne completely assures you that you will receive nothing but utmost quality of carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne from our company. We are a reliable name in the cleaning industry and have years of experience in carpet steam cleaning. This is not just business for us but a passion that we adore. We work just to achieve your, our customer’s, satisfaction with each cleaning task that we take.

What if I don’t find an answer to my question here?

We have tried a variety of questions that our customers might have here in this section. However, if you feel that there is something left that you would like to us then we request you to kindly get in touch with our customer care executives by giving us a call at 1300 660 487. We will be happy to clear all your doubts and answer your questions.

Can you ensure dirt removal with your carpet steam cleaning services?

You can sure of that! Our professional carpet steam cleaning service at Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne definitely ensures dirt removal. We have eco-friendly strong cleaning solutions created to deep clean your carpets and eradicate dirt, dust, contaminants, and harmful pollutants thereby making it cleaner and safer for use. Our carpet cleaning service comes with guaranteed results.

Can you tackle commercial carpet cleaning requests?

Yes, we offer result-oriented proven carpet cleaning services at commercial level too. Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne is a leading name in the cleaning industry and our performance speaks for our reputation. We have cleaned many commercial carpets in our 20 years of cleaning journey in Melbourne. Give us a call today and ask for a free quote!

My carpet has an after cleaning smell. Why?

When the carpet becomes damp after cleaning, it is bound to give out a smell – one that you don’t get when the carpet is dry. However, there is nothing to worry about as this smell will go in its own when the moisture is gone. You can help the carpet lose its moisture content by circulating air and speeding up the drying process. Open windows if possible and switch on the fan.

What is your Carpet Cleaning process?

At Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning, we have adhered to a simple carpet cleaning process that ensures complete cleaning, thorough stain removal, and absolute satisfaction. It is a step-by-step procedure that begins with an initial inspection by our expert carpet cleaners. We pre-treat the stains of the carpet to ensure their complete removal. Then we clean the carpets using environment-friendly cleaning solutions. If required, we provide post-treatment for tougher stains too. Afterwards we work upon drying the carpet. Finally we do a final inspection and request you to check the carpets and see if the cleaning has been done as per your expectations.

For how long my carpet would remain clean and tidy after your service?

ANS: All you need to do is vacuum clean it twice a week, which would prevent soil building-up. You should also change your AC filters and door-mats for avoiding soil build-up.

Hallway Carpet Cleaning cost extra?

yes, we normally charge carpet steam cleaning per room. However if you would like to get stair carpet steam cleaned or hallway carpet steam cleaning. There would little additional cost depending upon the carpet cleaning total floor area.

Would you be able to clean our wool carpet?

Yes, wool carpet cleaning process is very delicate and require attention to details. Our carpet cleaners are certified and can steam or dry clean your wool carpets.



Can you remove dog’s urine stains and odor from my carpet?

We would love to! The proficient team of Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning can make dog urine stains and odor vanish from your carpets using the best techniques for cleaning and deodorizing. You can call us anytime round the clock to get our specialized cleaning services.

Remove Dog's Urine Stains and Odor From My Carpet

Remove Dog’s Urine Stains and Odor From My Carpet

How much time should I allow to dry the carpet after a professional steam clean service?

We advise you to allow a reasonable curing time for the carpet. However, nobody can tell what is the exact time needed to dry the carpet. There are several other factors which affects the matter. Certainly, it depends on the weather, the thickness of carpet, and the level of soiled the carpet is. A few carpets dry under two hours while others may take three to six hours to dry completely. Moreover, it also depends on air movers, through keeping the widows open and turning ceiling fans on.

Why is it necessary to get your carpet cleaned by professionals?

Professionals do their job quickly and with more efficiency, along with taking care of the kind of carpet, they are going to clean. They can clean the carpets more deeply and effectively than us.


By David - July 23, 2018