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Carpets add beauty to our homes and interiors so it is important for us to take care o them. Carpets are very prone to daily accumulation dirt, dust and debris so its mandatory to keep them clean and well maintained. Staining can damage and decolourise the fibres of the carpet and if ignored, stains can contaminate your carpets. Its highly suggested that you follow instant carpet stain removal in case of staining. Different kind of stains requires different types of carpet stain removal methods.  So we are providing you with a short guide on how to take care of stains and get them removed depending upon their type and intensity. Follow this blog and get to know about getting rid of different types of stains from the carpet.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Guide to Deal With Different Types of Stains on Carpet

  • Food stains and Drink Spills

    Food and Drink stains on the carpets are very common and ignoring them can lead to the growth of germs and bacteria. Stains like that of coffee, ketchup, tea, beer, milk, fruit juice, wine and chocolate can lead to permanent discolouration o the carpet. You can use normal water and detergent for these types of carpet stain removal. Rinse cloth in detergent water solution and rub the stained surface of caret repeatedly. Make sure you don’t spread the stain and keep brushing and removing the staining food and liquid. Dab the stain further with a dry cloth to remove detergent water and staining liquid and make sure you dry your carpet as soon as you finish carpet stain removal.

  • Oil and Grease

    Stains like that of butter, salad dressing, cheese, eggnog, cooking oil, lotions and creams can lead to the oily stains on your carpets. Oil stains are very stubborn and if ignored can leave a permanent black spot on your carpets. As greasy and oily stains trap a lot of dirt which makes them more damaging to the carpet and its hygiene as well. Wash the stain with detergent water and get rid of oil from the stain. For old oil stains, you can use vinegar and warm water. Pour this solution on the oil stain and get it cleaned by rubbing it with the cloth. Vinegar will extract the oils from the stain and also help in providing carpet sanitization. You can also use vinegar in your routine carpet cleaning services as well for carpet sanitization and carpet deodorization.
  • Wax and Chewing gum

    Chewing gums can be the worst nightmare for your carpets. Gums can get permanently fixed on carpets and as time goes on gums hardens and causes permanent damage to your carpets. The wax from candles and polishing agents can also cause stains on the carpets. Use ice for removing gum and wax stains. Add some ice cubes in a zip bag and put it on the was a stain. Ice will make the gum and wax brittle and you can easily pluck the gum with a knife. Keep scrubbing the wax on the carpet and make sure you clean the stained patch with a cloth rinsed in detergent water solution.

  • Blood

    The stain of blood is either dried or in the liquid form. Depending upon the type of stain, the removal steps are adopted. The dried stain of blood leaves an accumulation on the surface which needs to be removed first and then the liquid solution of the detergent is used to soak the stained portion and the stain gets cleaned when we scrap the water. To remove new bloodstain, use the blotting paper to remove the blood on the surface and then wash the stained portion with the detergent solution.

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