Tips to Eliminate The Smell Resulting from Urination of The Pet Cats from The Carpets

Cat owners usually face the problems of cat urine on their beloved carpets. Despite training them to pee into the litter-box situated at home, cats may pee on the carpet sometimes. While the stains are best cleaned immediately after such an occurrence, to reduce the chances of it permanently discoloring your carpet, another problem that is associated with cat urine is the putrid odor it lets off. That odor is difficult to remove and one can smell it immediately after entering the room. That Obnoxious Smell Can Be Quite Difficult to Bear.

Pet Urine Stain Removal
Pet Urine Stain Removal

Follow Some Tips to Remove Them Yourself:

  1. The first step is usually to use a blotting paper to remove the excess urine hovering over the surface of the carpet. Blotting is needed to ensure it does not seep inside as well. Until the blotting paper keeps getting wet, you must place it over the urine.
  2. After the excess urine has been tackled through blotting paper, you could get to work in a variety of ways. Use water and clean the area by hand or through a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is preferable as it does a much better job at cleaning than by hand. On the other hand, Carpet Steam Cleaning may cause the stains to actually metastasize and is not helpful here.
  3. A very useful method being applied nowadays is the use of enzyme cleaners. These cleaners chemically break down the urine with enzymes like lipase, protease and amylase, and destroy the smell. They need to be applied to the stain by spraying and should be left to work for half an hour. It works much better on new stains, and is able to remove such smells faster. Using it on older stains may not yield the same good results.
  4. Another effective method is the use of vinegar. Vinegar itself has a strong smell that is enough to rid your carpet of the malodorous cat pee smells. This Cheap Carpet Cleaning Sydney Services method is simple to apply, and involves mixing of vinegar and water in equal parts and spraying It through a nozzle. It is efficient in taking down the odour.
  5. Another method is using baking soda. It has natural absorbing properties and is quite effective in odour-removal. A handful of baking soda needs to be sprinkled on the stain after the excess pee is siphoned off with blotting paper. The effect of baking soda on the stain for an hour or so is very well able to remove the noxious smell.
Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

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