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You are bound to panic if there are bed bugs at home but that does not help deal with the situation. The first thing that you must do to solve the problem is being sure of bed infestation. With so many varieties of pests available, it’s common for one to get rather confused. Once you have identified that it’s the bed bugs that have to deal with, exterminating them becomes easier. Signs of bed bugs are easy to identify on a light-colored bedsheet. Hence, we recommend changing your bedding to make the process easier.

bed Big Control
bed Big Control

Here are The Telltale Signs of Bed Bug Infestation-

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites can be really annoying. Usually, they appear like raised or flat red welts. Neck, back, feet, hands or face are the most common places where they appear and cause itching. Since bed bugs are small in size and have a tendency of hiding, it’s possible to live with them without even noticing. Bed bug bites indicate us of their presence. While a very small proportion of people show no reaction to bed bug bites, others react differently. People usually show different sensitivities to bed bug bites. Since bed bug bites can at times be confusing, you can even go for bed bug inspection and treatment as a sure way of identifying the problem.

Bed Bug Blood Stains

Bed bug blood stains have a reddish or rusty colored appearance. It also gets easily smeared and streaked. These can easily be spotted on light-colored sheets. This usually occurs during the night when you are sleeping and accidentally kill a bed bug or two. This is still not a 100% sure sign of bed bug infestation. The possibilities are you could have scratched a mosquito bite while sleeping that has resulted in the same. The points mentioned further are pretty strong signs that you must watch out for.

Bed Bug Fecal Matter

Bed bug fecal matter appears similar to dark or black stains resembling marks of a tip pen that usually bleeds into the fabric. These stains are nothing but your own digested blood that bed bugs consumed on. You don’t have to try too hard searching for it as they can easily be found on the bed sheets where you sleep. To confirm the same, we recommend wiping it off using a wet rag. If it does, be sure that its bed bug feces. Mattress seams and box springs are also common areas where bed bug fecal matter can be found.

Bed Bug Eggs

Bed bug bugs are quite easy to identify. They have a translucent, pearly white color. Just when they are laid, they are coated with a shiny film that helps them stick to any surface. Once the bed bug has been born, these empty eggshells lose their shine and appear a bit deflated. A magnifying glass would help you have a closer look. Bed bugs can lay a lot of eggs. Moreover, they can fit into the tiniest of cracks, crannies, and crevices.

Expert Bed Bug Control
Expert Bed Bug Control

What Can We Do for You?

If you don’t prefer to go through it all and are still confused, it’s best to avail professional bed bug inspection and treatment to do away with the problem. Get in touch with the Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning for the Best Pest Control Services in Canberra.

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