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Some people love to do-it-yourself when it comes to carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning does not seem to be a tough job but if you do not do it right, you might harm your precious carpets and spoil them forever. DIY carpet cleaning definitely requires more than just getting a shampooer on rent and a good cleaner from the supermarket.

Best Carpet Cleaners

Best Carpet Cleaners

Homeowners often attempt to do carpet cleaning in Brisbane at home on their own. Keep it in mind that your carpeting requires professional cleaning once in a year, even if you are vacuuming it regularly. Professional cleaning can increase the life of your carpet and contributes to improved air quality, decreased illness and allergies.

Common DIY Carpet Cleaning Errors

Professional carpet cleaning, once in a year, is essential to keep your carpets clean and make them last long. However, to save money and time you can clean your carpets on your own every now and then for effective cleaning. DIY carpet cleaning is more affordable and quite efficient but you need to pay good amount of hard work and time to do it right.

It has been found that novices are more likely to damage their carpets by doing some silly mistakes while cleaning the carpets at home. The common mistakes include:

DIY Carpet Cleaning

DIY Carpet Cleaning

  • Over-Wetting
  • Over-Shampooing
  • Inability to save wet carpets from furniture
  • Not Removing Stains on Time
  • Not Using Carpet Deodorizer Correctly

Over-Wetting Carpets

When using wet carpet cleaning methods, it is imperative to take care of the amount of water you use for the cleaning process. Over wetting of carpets is dangerous for the fabric as well as the colour of the carpet. When the base of the carpet gets immersed in excess water, the backing materials get soaked in water and that leads to discolouration. This can also cause tearing or shrinking of the carpets from underneath. When you wet the backing or padding of the carpets then it is extremely difficult to dry them. This can also cause growth of mould and mildew in future.

Over-Shampooing Carpets

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing

When you use too much of shampoo to clean your carpets, you unintentionally damage the carpet fabrics. When excess of shampoo gets inside the carpet fibres, it becomes impossible to get it out with simple rinsing methods. Home cleaning methods do not make use of any high-tech machines and equipment therefore it is important to use very little of shampoo to avoid spoiling the carpet fabrics.

Inability to Save Wet Carpets from Furniture

Another common mistake people do while using DIY carpet cleaning methods is to save the wet carpet from furniture. You should not let your furniture come in contact with the wet carpet unless it is completely dry. Certain kind of wood furniture items also release dyes when they come in contact with a damp surface. Your wet carpet gets easily stained when you keep furniture on it. Furniture items that metal feet are also risky for wet carpet. Wet carpet can cause rust in the metals leaving stains behind.  

This is a common problem with do-it-yourself people because they do not have foil-backed cardboard, which is commonly used by professional cleaners, to protect wet carpets from furniture. So it is best to be extra careful in the absence of the right materials.

Not Removing Stains on Time

Carpet Stain Removal Services

Carpet Stain Removal Services

If you plan to clean your carpets at home then it is mandatory to clean any kind of carpet stain IMMEDIATELY! Yes, if you leave the stain to get dry then you can create extreme problems for yourself. Whenever something spills on your carpet, immediately take a towel to soak it up and blot instead of rubbing. You can sprinkle some bi-carbonate on the spill and vacuum it after a day.

By leaving the stain untreated, you actually let the stain seep into the carpet fibres thereby making it impossible to remove the stain wit DIY methods.

Using Powdered Carpet Deodorizers

A powdered carpet deodorizer is an inefficient product that does not do any good to your carpet. It does not have the potential to remove stains or dirt from the carpet. The usual instruction on the powder carpet deodorizer is to sprinkle it on the carpet stain and vacuum it afterwards. However, a homely vacuum cleaner is can’t suck up every tiny particle of these powdered deodorizers. This deodorizer can also go deep into the carpet fibres that can cause untimely wear of the carpet. Moreover, these deodorizers are not even efficient in removing the bad odour instead they just mask the smell and the odour comes back soon.

Carpet Deodorizers Using Powdered

Carpet Deodorizers Using Powdered

When you choose to clean your carpets with water at home then there is more probability of using excess of shampoo or not rinsing the carpet properly. The wet DIY carpet cleaning approaches are more prone to cause harm to your carpets. When the shampoo residue is left in the carpet then it makes the carpet fabric a dirt magnet. Therefore, choosing a professional carpet cleaner is always a safe and advisable option.

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Immaterial Products

This is one of the common mistakes we do while cleaning the carpet on our own. Immaterial products that we purchase from the market has no guarantee neither they are safe to use. And some of those products actually leave a bad effect on the carpet fibres. Thus, It is advised that we should rely on professionals only because they have got all the relevant and Best Carpet Cleaning solutions with them.

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