How to Keep Carpets Clean After Having Professionally Cleaned?

The floor is something that attracts the attention of the visitor first. It is a big part of our homes and has a special place. This is where we make the most of the memories of our lives. So, it needs to be definitely protected. Carpets are more floor coverings without protecting them from various dangers enhancing their appearance and helping to give our home a royal look. And then it is necessary to maintain this royal look by using effective carpet steam cleaning method Melbourne. But do you think that just cleaning the carpet is enough in a good place, there are no other tips to follow to clean your carpet where let’s take a look like this:

  1. Stay off the carpet until it is dry: We should wait until the carpet dries fully before walking over it after carpet cleaning. We can speed up the drying by switching on the fans. We can even keep the carpet in sunlight after cleaning for drying as it will kill the remaining germs.
  2. Wait before moving furniture: We should not move the furniture back until the carpet has dried completely because if we move the furniture then it will take a long time to dry up. Even the carpet can remain wet from some places which can develop an odour soon after.
  3. Clean stains and spills instantly: Always clean up the spills as soon as possible when they happen. As long as the stains will remain on the carpet harder is to remove them. Do not rub the stain as rubbing will increase the stain.
  4. Vacuum the carpet once a week: We might think that carpet is clean & does not require vacuuming but it is wrong. The carpet needs regular vacuuming as it may remove dirt and the particles which we can not see. Even it helps to remove the allergens and other pollutants carried inside.
  5. Remove your shoes: As shoes carry a lot of bacteria with them, remove them after entering your house. This will prevent the spread of bacteria, allergens, and even contaminants on the carpet. The dust from the shoes gets onto the carpet and makes it dirty. Not only this sometimes shoes also leave a stain on the carpet.
  6. Rotate your furniture often: When our furniture remains in the same place for a prolonged period the particular area only gets exposed and the rest remains under-covered making that particular area look dull than the rest of that area. Even the fibres wear more quickly than the rest of the carpet.


Carpets indeed play an important role in the overall beauty of our homes so it is our duty to take care of their beauty. Dirty carpet can be very harmful for your health & also affect to your loving pets health. Apart from Carpet cleaning these steps should also be followed for a healthy extended life of your carpet. As they are a vital part of a home’s upholstery so the outlined steps should be followed diligently.

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