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When it comes to cleaning the carpets, then especially in case of children in the house the carpets get dirtier. In fact where there are pets in your homes, then they also contribute to dirty the carpets effectively.  There are many ways of Carpet Stain Removal which one can opt and if in case one wants to have professional carpet cleaning services, you can contact Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning which provides the best professional carpet cleaners for the removal of stains.

In case of the pet urine if found on the carpet, then given below are some steps which one can follow to remove the stains of pet urine from the carpet.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Blotting the Area with The Paper Towel – The area of the carpet where there is a stain, it needs to be dry. For that, the area needed to be blotted with the use of a paper towel. This paper towel is used to absorb as much as the wetness of the carpet, so as to make it dry for the further.

Mixing of Baking Soda in Water – The baking soda is taken and mixed with the water, along with detergent and when this paste gets ready. The paste is used over the stains and rubbed on that area. This baking soda is alkaline in nature thus helps in the removal of the stains effectively by reacting on it.

It is Better to Use The Spray – After this, the cleaning agent is used, filled in the spray bottle. After spraying the area with this Carpet Cleaning agent, it is allowed to soak in the carpet for the 5 minutes. Thus spraying is better than using the cleaning agent directly recommended by professional.

Use of Vinegar – The baking soda solution prepared above is used again with the addition of vinegar in it. Thus, these vinegar is used to remove the stains effectively especially of the urine, also it let out the smell of the urine from the carpet.

Blotting The Cleaning Solution – Again the blotting is done with the help of fresh paper towels. This blotting is done as much as to dry the area; the paper towel used should be of high quality so that they can soak as much as water.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Use of Sanitizer on The Stain – In the process of carpet stain removal the carpet sanitizing is another step in which you had to use the sanitizer, This sanitizer agent is used to remove the smell and to make the carpet free from infection and other pollutants.

Use of Vacuum Machines – The last step is to use vacuum machines over the carpet. As this vacuum process helps to keep the carpet completely dry; and helps in the complete removal of the pollutants. There are many ways of carpet stain removal; For the ones who are seeking for the best carpet stain removal services can contact Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning as they are best providers of professional for the carpet stain removal.

Hiring Professionals

The urine of pets is full of smell as well as the presence of acid and other chemicals make it capable of damaging the carpet as it marks stain instantly getting in contact with the carpet. You must not be interested in cleaning that dirty and smelling urine. Hire professionals from Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning at affordable rates and get it cleaned proficiently. Our cleaners are skilled in removing pet urine. So at the end of our service, both stain and smell will be gone completely.

David is the owner of Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning. Being an expert, along with the owner of a carpet cleaning company, has made his business even more successful. Understanding the needs of the people has led to an increment in the number of customers.