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When you have a dog in the home, it is natural to have the urine smell spread all over at times. Of course, you love your dog, but you love your carpets too; and having both, the carpets and the dog in the house needs patience. Because, such accidents are inevitable and you can’t do much about them. But hey, you can absolutely get rid of the urine smell out of the carpet. We have brought you some ways to help you remove the smell of urine, so, your home feels and smells fresh.

How to get rid of dog urine smell from carpet?

How to get rid of dog urine smell from carpet?

Follow These Steps To Get the Urine Smell Out of The Carpets

Procedure to Treat Fresh Urine Smell

Step 1: Bolt Up the Fresh Urine

If you find a wet urine stain or catch the dog peeing on the carpets, you have to act quickly. Bolt the stain with a towel or a cloth or kitchen roll (folded multiple times). Treating the fresh urine stains makes the job easier, and the bacteria that cause the unbearable smell are removed right away. Repeat the process until that area of the carpet gets dried.

Step 2: Treat the stain with a diluted soap and water solution

Once you have soaked up urine from the carpet, clean the stains with the solution of warm water and a mild soap. Use the towel to clean the stain with soapy water and then bolt the spot using a dry cloth. Keep repeating until the stain vanishes away.

Step 3: Dust baking soda on the stain

Baking Soda can do wonders when it comes to cleaning. It is also a natural deodorizer and does the best job of removing bad odors.

  • Sprinkle the carpet with baking soda on the wet stain and spread it evenly. Watch the quantity and don’t use it more than the ¼ cup, using excessive quantity will create difficulty while cleaning.
  • Leave sprinkled baking soda overnight on the spot.

Step 4: Vacuum The Baking Soda

Remove Dog Urine Smell From Carpet Melbourne

Remove Dog Urine Smell From Carpet Melbourne

Vacuum the carpet the next morning to clean the baking soda. Keep vacuuming the stain until the powder is sucked up completely. Or you can call in the professionals for carpet deodorizing service.

Procedure to Treat Dried Urine

Step 1: Spot the dried Urine Stains using a black flashlight

Before treating the older urine stains that cause the unbearable smell, you first have to find them. Using a black flashlight (UV light) is one of the trickiest ways to find the dried urine stains. UV rays catch any substance containing phosphorus including dog’s urine. So, switch your room’s light off and turn on the flash.

Step 2: Dilute the stained area using water

Once you find the stain, spray warm water over the pee stain to dilute it and then use towels to blot dry the stain. Dried urine stains have a strong smell, and hence, it is important to dilute them in order to treat and get rid of the smell. And yes, don’t forget to wear your rubber gloves.

Step 3: Use an enzyme-neutralizing cleaner

There are a number of enzyme-neutralizing cleaners available in the market, choose the best and trusted one depending on your carpet fiber. Using the enzyme-neutralizing cleaner is important because it break-downs the molecules present in the dog’s urine that cause a bad smell.

  • Before applying cleaner directly on the carpet, perform the color fastness test on the least noticeable areas of your carpet.
  • After the carpet passes the test, spray the area with the cleaner and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.
  • Bolt dry the sprayed area using a towel.

Step 4: Use a Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning Urine Odors from Carpet

Cleaning Urine Odors from Carpet

Sometimes, an enzyme-neutralizing cleaner may not remove the set-in stains completely, so, it is important to use a steam cleaner even after applying the enzyme-neutralizer. You can rent the carpet cleaner or buy one if such accidents happen frequently. Or, you can take a professional carpet cleaning service.

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