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Are you confused between the carpet shampooing and carpet steam cleaning? Then can refer the below-given information that makes you know about both the methods. The experts suggest using both the methods in the best way as both methods show their unique benefits. So do not wait and get cleaned your carpets with any of the methods mentioned below. In case if you are not aware of any of the methods of carpet cleaning, they can refer the below-given information in detail.

Carpet Shampooing Service
Carpet Shampooing Service

Difference Between Carpet Shampooing and Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Shampooing Method

This is one of the most common methods of carpet sanitization.  The experts make use of the carpet shampoo and gently use them on the carpet. After the use of the shampoo on the carpets, the soil and other dust particles get easily removed from the carpets.  After the use of the carpet shampoo, the experts used the vacuum machines to dry out the area for the easy drying and effective cleaning of the carpets.


  • It is the best method to opt when it comes to deep clean the carpets
  • Helps to remove the dirt from the carpets by preserving the fabric of the carpets. 
  • This method does not make use of the scrubbing agent which does not affect the fabric of the carpet. 


  • Sometimes the shampoo removal becomes difficult as the foam does not get easily removed.
  • The rubbing and agitating the carpets in this method make the carpets look damaged and damage the fiber of the carpets.
  • The circular scrubbing in this method enables the harming the fiber of the carpets. 

Steam Cleaning Method

Steam carpet cleaning is another method of cleaning the carpets that make use of the steam under high pressure. The experts first clean the car tests with the help of the Local Carpet Cleaning in Perth agent and then make use of the steam which enables easy cleaning and loosening of the dirt particles easily from the carpets.  


  • It is the best method that helps to save water as it makes less use of water
  • This method had no side effects on the carpets and helps to preserve the fabric of the carpets. 
  • No cleaning agent is found or left after the use of this type of carpet cleaning methods. 
  • This method of carpet cleaning enables less time in drying the carpets in your home. 
Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service


  • The Steam Carpet Cleaning method is to make use of the cleaning equipment which is heavy and can damage the carpets.

How We Can Help You?

The carpets in our homes get dirty and can be cleaned with the several methods. If you are looking for cleaning the carpet with the use of the best methods then you need to contact Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning which offer you with the Best Carpet Cleaning Perth with the use of the best methods. The experts know how to clean the carpets in the best way.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

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