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Flood causes huge disruption, all the things on our house or our house itself becomes the target of the flood. Things which are kept in the basement are especially gets damaged, as water floods the whole basement. Our carpets are very vulnerable to water, it not only degrades the carpet but causes serious bacteria infestation. If the carpet water damage is serious, you need to do the carpet cleaning thoroughly, the flood water consists of millions of microorganisms and toxic elements, which makes the condition of carpet worse. Therefore, it is very important to hire professional carpet cleaners to have water damage carpet cleaning.

Flood water is type 3 category of water damage, it means it is quite harmful to causing damage to the belongings. This type of water contains harmful bacteria and microorganisms which can make someone sick and uncomfortable. After the flood is over, you need to make your carpet dry as soon as you, because the longer the carpet stays in the water, the more risk it’ll cause.

Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration
Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration

Find The Source Of Carpet Water Damage.

Find out which type of water has caused the damage, then start drying and cleaning the carpet. If the water is tap water, then there’s no problem, you just need to dry the carpet. However, if there is leakage, first repair the leakage and then fix the carpet.

Start Extracting Water From Carpet.

After the flood is over, start the carpet water extraction. A pump is required to remove the water from the premises, you can either buy one or rent it. Make sure the pump is of good quality, read the instruction manual carefully.

When you successfully remove the water from the premises, proceed to the next step, get a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and remove the remaining water.  Keep removing the water, until all the water is removed from the carpet.

Use Fans Or Dehumidifiers.

Fans can be extremely useful in decreasing the drying time, turn on the roof fan or compact fan on the premises. Open windows and ventilate the region. You can likewise turn on the dehumidifier, it’d be extremely useful in drying the carpet rapidly. 

In addition, if the carpet padding is damp and not drying it’s better to toss it out.  It is very difficult to remove all the water from the padding, therefore, throw it out.

Expert Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration
Expert Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration

Call Professionals.

At Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning we are known for providing quality services, we have been in the services for ages and served more than thousands of clients. We believe in providing quality services, therefore, we have hired the best carpet cleaning professional team, it’s in their best interest. 

We have also provided our professional carpet cleaner with quality solvents, equipment and tool for carpet water damage and Local Water Damage Restorations in Melbourne. If you’re looking for a good and professional carpet cleaning company, reach out to us, we will be happy to serve you with the quality services.

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