7 Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips-Simple and Easy!

7 Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips
Carpet cleaning and pets is never an easy equation! Although pets are loved and cuddled by almost everyone, their upkeep and welfare, is something not everyone is comfortable with. Pets messing up is inevitable, especially during a session of carpet steam cleaning service in Melbourne. You can however, get your carpets cleaned and simultaneously keep your pets calm and composed, with these carpet cleaning tips from the best carpet cleaner for pets. We call them the Spectacular 7 Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips!

Hand-held Liquid Extractor:
A hand-held extractor sucks out liquids and spillages from the carpet. It works much better than paper towels and rags. An extractor is made specifically to suck out wet stains!

Do not Stomp!
Stomping makes it worse because it forces the liquid deeper into the carpet padding and then into the subflooring.

Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner:
How many times and how frequently have you wondered how to get your cats or dogs pee out of carpet! To clean up a urine stain, fresh or dried, use a urine-specific bio-enzymatic cleaner. It neutralizes the urea and uric acid and eliminates proteins and starches. Ordinary carpet cleaners cannot do that. Using a carpet cleaner before a bio-enzymatic cleaner can set the stain permanently. Liquids spread as they are absorbed into the carpet, so always treat a larger area than the original stain.

Use Good Quality Carpet Stain Removers:
Stains sometimes remain after cleaning. In that case, immediately reach for a carpet stain remover! An enzymatic stain remover works best for pet stains. In case there is no success with that, you can always try to cut out the chunk and replace it.

Avoid Steam Cleaning:
Steam cleaning will just further set the stains. The heat dries the liquid but bonds the stain and the odour to the carpet.

Putty Knife are Ideal to Remove Solids!
While removing solid particles from the carpets or rugs, sink the edge of a putty knife into the carpet at the edge of the mess. Then, slowly push it forward to scrape the solid particle up and into the dustpan. Getting the mess off the carpet first, helps and eases the carpet cleaners’ work.

Oxygenated Pet Stain Cleaners:
For all solid particles on your carpet or rug, saturate the stain with an oxygenated pet stain cleaner. Let it sit for 45 minutes to separate additional solids from the carpet fibres. Then clean up those solids. Bio-enzymatic cleaners take a long time to work. Just let the treated area air-dry. If you are dealing with a large stain, one that has soaked deep into the carpet, or one that has already dried, use a product with bacteria, enzymes and an oxygen booster.

Here are some more expert tips to help you keep your carpets free and clear of pet hair:

  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Do not Let Pet Hair Build Up.
  • Acting quickly to treat pet stains.
  • Use an appropriate cleaning solution

The ideal option is to hire the best carpet cleaner for pets from Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning for carpet cleaning Melbourne and follow their pet-friendly carpet cleaning tips!

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