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  Spotless Carpet Cleaning Solution Melbourne

It is a notice fact that the ability of any solution to remove all malodorous stains and spots from the carpet greatly contributes to its anticipated long-term performance as well as client satisfaction. The sustainable evaluation of effectiveness of any Spotless Carpet Cleaning Solution Melbourne pet stain removal, odor removal solutions is gotten through rating of specific staining agents that has had them cleaned using a specific cleaning solution. Some of the staining agents that we have thoroughly tested include that of cat urine, dog feces, synthetic soil and pet vomit.  We have also done tests for spot removers, in-tank products, pre-spray, which we have tested for their pH levels as well as colorfastness to light and optical brightness. Some of those popular cleaning products that many companies promote have been found to be extremely acidic whereas others are alkaline, which can cause adverse effects on dyes and some carpet fibers. All the products that we employ for use in Spotless Carpet Cleaning Solution Melbourne have a Seal of authorization as certified products with permitted neutral pH levels. Spotless Carpet Cleaning Solution Melbourne products do not have any amount of the optical brighteners simply because such additives end up affecting fiber colors, the appearance of your carpet and its long-term performance.

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